Main header: first part

Default text is sans-serif with italic, bold, and bold italic styles. Optionally select serif font with italic, bold, and bold italic styles; or narrow if you need to squeeze a lot of information into a single line. Hyperlinks match the selected colour scheme, and can also be marked as external links (that normally open a new browser window). There are also predefined styles for lists:

as well as typewriter text for code and pre-formatted paragraphs:
foreach $x (1..9) {
    print "This is sample line $i\n";

Main header: second part

You can also have subheaders

With or without “back to the top” links.

Third-level header

Third-level headers are for smaller subdivisions within a thematically connected section.

This is a subheader with backlink

The following paragraph should appear at a reasonable distance in either case.

Main header: third part